We are about Historic Touring Car Racing.

The aim of the Association is to raise the profile and public awareness of Historic Touring Car Racing in Australia and to represent the individual State Historic Touring Car Clubs and Associations to the motorsport regulators and major event organisers in a professional, unified and consistent manner.

And to assist all stakeholders to ensure that Australian Historic Touring Car racing remains an appealing and viable motorsport category

Group Na

Group Na is designed to provide a forum for competitors to race both pre-war production touring cars and early post-war production touring cars in a form similar to racing of the period.

Group Nb

Group Nb is intended to be representative of the prescriptions of the former Appendix J which was current until 31 December, 1964. Before the introduction of the current sub-groups, this category was known as “Group N”. This is a group for series production type touring cars, manufactured prior to 31 December, 1964.

Group Nc

Group Nc is an historic group introduced on 1 January, 1995, to cater primarily for vehicles of a year, make and model which competed in Australia between 1 January, 1965, and 31 December, 1972 in either the Australian Touring Car Championship or races specifically for 3rd Category Group C Improved Production Touring Cars and Series Production Touring Cars.